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The telecommunications environment is continually changing with government regulations. There’s no better strategy for impacting telecommunications policy than active, consistent and focused advocacy efforts. In today’s world of rapidly expanding government involvement, acting-rather than reacting-to proposed changes in regulations is vital to success if your organization.

Cascade NW’s team of advocacy experts have more than a decade of experience in both Federal legislative and regulatory affairs and offer a valuable resource to help you achieve your company’s policy agenda on both the National and State levels.

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Identify Issues

Identify key issues confronting your organization.


Proactive Advocate

Development and implement proactive advocacy plans.


Customized Strategies

Customize strategies to advance your company’s policy agenda.


Continual Monitoring

Monitor legislation and federal policies for potential impact.


FCC Communications

Submit communications with FCC on your behalf.


Written Testimonies

Write testimony for Congressional hearings.

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