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Cascade NW has been assisting ISP’s in obtaining CLEC status for over 10 years. There are as many different ways to operate as a CLEC as there are CLECs which can easily create confusion and uncertainty. And unfortunately, the options are not readily available with a clear understanding. Making mistakes can be costly, both with profits and time, and have long term consequences for the CLEC.

The best approach with establishing CLEC status will depend on existing network configuration, current capabilities, and future forecasts. A current service provider with an established network with existing customers will have different necessary requirements than a small regional startup.

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FCC Registration

Assist with the initial registration requirements with the FCC and ILECs.


Interconnection Tariffs

Explain ILECs’ interconnection tariffs and explain tariffed and non-tariffed options.


Local Interconnection

Provide local interconnection-related information regarding services such as local loops.


Necessary Forms

Provide all the agreements and forms needed for all business processes.


FCC Filings

Complete the FCC regulatory filings (e.g., CLEC tariffs) and other requirements.


Operating Codes

Obtain central office codes, and other codes (e.g., Operating Company Number) as needed.


Local Market

Provide business information and advice about the local voice market.


Correct Sequence

Ensure that all of the necessary tasks are completed and in the correct sequence.


Strategic Partnerships

Assist with interconnection and strategic partnerships negotiations.

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