- Overview

Cascade NW's Wavelength Services allow great opportunities for businesses to be competitive not having to worry about bandwidth issues anymore. OC offers some of the highest Internet speeds available on the market and our Wavelength Service provides the larger bandwidth and the best high-speed internet.

Cascade NW's optical Services can help you achieve true worry-free bandwidth speeds without compromising your budget. We deliver fully managed, private, point-to-point services over our fiber-optic network.

- Why Choose Us

- Security and Reliability


With business geographically limitless, passing application critical data has become crucial for the success of any thriving organization. It is vital for data transmissions to be secure and optimized at all times. Cascade NW's Wavelength Service provides the dedicated end-to-end connectivity is configured with each install.

- What We Do

Benefits Include


Ultra-high speed dedicated point-to-point service configurations.

Low Cost

Low cost per bit for point-to-point bandwidth.

Global Availability

Availability in the U.S. and limited locations in Europe and Asia-Pacific


Low-latency connectivity between data centers and other enterprise locations.

High scalability

High scalability—from 1Gbps all the way up to 100Gbps.

Advanced security

Advanced security with private point-to-point connections.