- Overview

Cascade NW's Private Line Service provides your business with superior reliability and security eliminating any geographical limitations of your internal communications with a reliable, accessible and scalable private line. This end-to-end private connection protects critical business traffic from uncertainty and downtime and lets your company deliver growing volumes of data, video, and voice quickly and securely over great distances.

Cascade NW's Private Line Services delivers end-to-end connectivity with a reliable, cost-effective, and scalable keeping you competitive.

- Why Choose Us

- What We Do

Benefits Include


Establish one or more connections supporting Service Multiplexed UNI with a single physical connection.


Customize and grow your connection from 10Mbps to 10Gbps whenever your business needs.

Global Availability

Availability in the U.S. and limited locations in Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Low-latency connectivity between data centers and other enterprise locations.

High scalability

High scalability—from 1Gbps all the way up to 100Gbps.

Advanced security

Advanced security with private point-to-point connections.