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Cascade NW is a leading provider of CCTV, Access Control, Home and Business Security solutions. We are recognized throughout the market as one of the most forward thinking in our industry, providing a wide range and continually evolving innovative solutions that deliver the best value along with the greatest solution. Cascade provides various original advanced solutions in our specializations that give the best value for your money and best methods while delivering quality outcomes.

True security and protection are achieved through adaptation of physical solutions and adding current IoT applications. It is crucial for information to be received and acted upon quickly in order avoid serious losses or threats. The delivery of such information is coordinated, controlled, and delivered Cascade's elite Physical Security.

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Elite Physical Security or Cascade's EPS blends all of the technologies that are used to manage any business or industries. Our experts will customize your EPS system to focus on the nature of the activities being reported and the locations where the activity occurs to create a detailed transaction about the event. EPS then uses business and security analytics to analyze each occurrence or transactions to identify potential threats and to assist in the coordination of the response. EPS will collect, analyze and manage transactions from Industry Systems such as:

  • Physical Security
  • Sensor Technology
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Biometrics
  • Wired & Wireless Infrastructure
  • Backbone Design & Planning
  • Voice Radios
  • Fire / Life / Safety
  • Building Management
  • Data Encryption
  • Surface Technology
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Perimeter Control
  • Global Positioning Systems Tracking
  • Access Control
  • IT Security
  • Network Administration
  • Power Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Asset Tracking

Cascade's EPS solutions can be used with existing systems. EPS is already integrated with over 100 different technologies but if the product is not already supported by EPS, it can be easily integrated into the location transaction reporting part of the system for analysis purposes.

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